Subject: [ChevyChaseCommunity] How to Search the Listserv`s Valuable Message Archive - Save This Email
From: "Mary E. Rowse via" <>
Date: 2/4/2021, 8:51 AM
To: "" <>

Dear List Members,

We have a rich archive of over 263,300 past messages collected since this listserv began in April 2001.  We are now in our 20th year and this is the busiest listserv in the area.

It's very important to know how to access our archived messages, as they represent the collective wisdom and experience of thousands of list members who have participated in this forum for two decades.  If you're in a hurry for information, this can be the fastest way to get an answer.
See the attached screenshots to get an idea of what it looks like to do a search.

-- Go to the listserv's website:

-- If asks for an ID and password, please provide or create this information. The moderators do not have it.

-- Look for the word "Messages" on the left side of the screen and click on it.

-- You will then see three boxes at the top: "Topics, Hashtags and Search".  Click on "Search", the last of the three categories.

-- When a search bar comes up, type in single words like electrician, dentist, handyman, housecleaner, or multiple word searches like "mobile notary", "house cleaner", "slate roof", "appliance repair" or "repair dishwasher".  Remember to put quote marks around multiple words but not around single ones.  Try many different word combinations to take advantage of the rich archive we have at our fingertips.  Older messages are just as useful as newer ones.  Don't overlook them.

--Be sure to look to the right of the screen and select the most recent date going backwards.  Search as far back as you can.  Some of the best people and companies have been in business for years.

If after searching different word combinations you don't see an answer to a question, please ask the group by emailing  (If you put this address into your `contacts` list or address book, it will automatically come up the next time you want to send something to the listserv *and* it may prevent listserv emails from going into spam. has an annoying practice of unsubscribing members if their internet service provider puts any messages into spam.  If this happens, members will get an email from offering a link to rejoin the group.  Please pay attention to messages from

Please proofread listserv emails for correct words, spellings, names, phone numbers and websites so human error and auto correct problems can be avoided. 

Thanks to all who have posted and continue to post to this forum  You help make it the rich resource it is.

Mary Rowse, Moderator
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