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This web site is a companion web site for the Yahoo Group Chevy Chase Community Listserv. Here you will find documents, photos and other things of interest to people who live in or near Chevy Chase DC and Maryland.

It also has a search engine to search the more than 220,000 archived messages (and files) on the Listserv. To protect the privacy of the list members, a user name and password is needed to search the e-mail archives. If you are a member and have a Yahoo profile, you can get it from 

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Historic District Information

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The Chevy Chase Community Listserv provides a forum for about 5,500 residents in Chevy Chase, DC and MD to share information and address community and city-wide issues.

If you know someone in the community who would like to become a member, ask them to email their name, home address, home and work telephone numbers and email address, in confidence, to the Listserv Moderator at: Moderator

Mary Rowse

Gabe Fineman 
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